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Wednesday, January 5, 2022
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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Friday, July 1, 2022
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A veteran owned, made in USA, and honest company.


We have built an all organic, all natural nutrition and supplement company.

Designed by two world level athletes with over 30 years in sports and fitness, we believe this is the best formula for people to reach their maximum potential.

Not just for athletes. Anyone can use this product.

Because it is easy on the stomach, has no bloat or distention, and mixes easier than any other product on the market. And this is just our protein supplement.

An all natural, no filler creatine supplement.

Everything is organic and all natural.

No proprietary blends here.

Total transparency from Viking Strength Nutrition.

We also have more coming to market. View our wholesale catalog to see more of our products.




An investment in Viking Strength Nutrition is an investment in change.


It is an investment in creating a healthier world around us and one we are proud to be on the forefront of.

Your investment will grow a small business into larger business where everyone who is a part of it can share in the rewards.

Passion is our main driver and you would be investing in the people who are most passionate about this industry.

In my experience the people behind the product are the true investment.



About the owners


Nate Korpusik is a combat veteran, entrepreneur, elite powerlifter, and an extremely passionate individual when it comes to fitness or mental health. Nate's role in this organization is co-owner. He is a good fit because of the passion he has for this industry. Nate has spent time working in the supplement industry and learned a lot about what companies are doing right and wrong. Match that with his 10 years in the medical field (EMT in Boston, MA) and he is a great fit with this organization. Nate brings with him the kind of patience and ambition that comes only from a background like his. With many certifications ranging from personal training to powerlifting coach, he also brings years of knowledge about fitness to the organization.


Kathryn Mabe brings a range of skills to the group. She attended UFC for Entrepreneurial Management and has continued to gather skills in the fitness and business industries. She has tackled all the major issues that come with building a startup.




Our target market can be anywhere that someone wants or needs a healthy addition to their meal regiment.

The supplement market was valued at $140.3 billon globally and expected to continue compound growth at 8.6% annually.

We believe anyone between 18 and 99 can use this product and our proof of concept so far seems to support that theory.



Sales + Marketing


We sell online, in our gym, and in some local stores.

We price our products based on the market around that product. We then adjust as needed and when needed.

We use social media to it's fullest with over 29k followers on one of our platforms alone. We also use a professional video production team to assist with content and help add that professional touch.

Available via all social media platforms and growing.

@asgardianathletics (2200followers)






Viking Strength Nutrition Products


A large part of our sales come from our ambassador program which we intend to continue growing. Each ambassador gets a portion of every sale they make. An ambitious ambassador can make a decent revenue stream.

Viking Strength Supps also sponsors athletes, like Bec Lorch who is Americas Strongest Women (lightweight).

This type of promotion adds authenticity, tut this product isn't just for athletes which is easy to see with our web presence.




  • Signed deal to sell with PHELPS wholesale on amazon and wal mart online marketplaces.

  • Running a current REG CF campaign with Silicon Prairie with a max of $107,000

  • Appeared on Americas Real Deal and have made a deal with ISM for continuous fundraising up to IPO or exit.

  • Hired OPTYO to expand market research, seo, business development, and eventual connection for large scale B2B.

  • Currently selling 20 SKUs (including apparel) via our website or (rebranding)

  • In development for more physical exercise equipment, branded. Currently working with Bosscsa.


Investor Perks

Tier 1 $1000 (100 available)
Viking Strength Nutrition T-Shirt
20% Lifetime Discount
$50 in free merchandise

Tier 2 $2500 (25 available)
Viking Strength Nutrition T-Shirt
30% Off lifetime of product
$75 in free merchandise

Tier 3 $5000 (10 available)
Viking Strength Nutrition T-Shirt
40% Lifetime of product
$100 of free product

Tier 4 $10000 (10 available)
Viking Strength Nutrition T-Shirt and Hoodie
50% Off Lifetime Discount
$125 Free Merchandise



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